it's going to be a big time.

It's almost been a year since I last wrote and there has been A LOT going on.  First, we recently (by recently, I mean two weeks ago) moved from our beloved Chicago to Winston-Salem, North Carolina.  And I now have my own studio space.  Got the keys, last week.  Life is crazy, but good.  Change is hard, but it's easier when you dive head first.  Well, at least I'll keep telling myself that.  Anyway, I'm super excited to share a few photos of our move.  Over the summer I accumulated a Chandler and Price 10 x 15 press from Minneapolis, MN.  And my sweet husband, Eric, moved it home to my parents garage in Chicago.  To then be moved to North Carolina.  Oh, what an adventure.  Then, my dad found some drafting tables for my soon-to-be studio.  Work space, check.  It takes a village, right?


In September I found a Vandercook Universal 1.  It was like finding a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow.  Thanks so much, Steve Robinson.  You're my hero!

Now, it's time to set up shop.